Meet the Ladies of the Office

Prosthodontist, Elaine Torres-Melendez, DMD, FACP

Receptionist, Lee Morales-Byers

Dental Assistant, Cynthia L. Gutierrez

Dental Assistant, Carly M. Roman

Together as a team we strive to provide the best care for our family of patients.  With over fifty years combined experience in health care, we put our patients’ well being first and foremost and aim to accomplish the most positive outcomes in the restoration of oral health, comfort, function and aesthetics. We are certified in CPR and continuously train in OSHA, HIPAA and continued dental education throughout the year.

We are Environment-Friendly

We are a dental office specializing in Prosthodontics, located in the Floral Vale Professional Park. Our office aims to provide the best patient care, while utilizing the latest technologies which are more environment-friendly. From digital radiography to a new energy-efficient heat pump, we strive to continue taking steps to make our office “greener”, not only to deliver safer procedures for our patients, but for our planet as well.

We follow a Quality Assurance program that helps to ensure  radiation exposure to patients and equipment operators is as low as reasonably achievable (ALARA). Digital radiography was implemented in our office in 2011. This technology provides a great service to the patients by reducing radiation exposure up to 80%. Radiographs are exposed only when the patient is blanketed by a lead apron with a thyroid collar.  Digital radiography also helps to reduce potentially hazardous waste materials by eliminating the need for chemical processing of images and the lead layer that each analog radiograph packet contains.

There are several filters in place within each dental unit. Each filter ensures no solid waste is flushed into the sewage system. All amalgam waste is stored in liquid to keep the mercury inactive and is then recycled by a state of Pennsylvania-approved agency.  As a final safety measure, all of our water lines have a backflow prevention device, keeping potential contaminants out of the public water system.

Glutaraldehyde is a common solution used for sterilization purposes. It has noxious fumes that must be contained at all times. We do not use this solution as a cold sterilant. All of our instruments are sterilized in a chemical-free steam autoclave, which is tested regularly using spore strips monitored by the Temple University School of Medicine Sterilizer Monitoring Service.

To further reduce hazardous aerosols, we do not use spray disinfectants. All surfaces are sanitized using a biodegradable pre-saturated towelette. We also use powder-free and latex-free gloves, which are discarded in our medical waste container, as these are not biodegradable.

We wear cloth uniforms that are laundered in-office, instead of disposable gowns that create more waste. All uniforms and shoes are for work use only and are not removed from the office unless properly washed and/or sanitized.

Lastly, we actively and dutifully participate in the Lower Makefield Township recycling program, separating all plastic, glass, batteries and electronics from other consumable waste.

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