Patient Testimonials

I like my teeth, especially their color.  Even that retainer (nightguard) at night wasn’t the big deal I thought it would be.  Thank you for all your expert work and guidance through this project.  The best part was getting to work with you and your special staff.  Sincerely, Peggy M.

Thank you for taking such great care of my son and being so courteous with your time to do it before his first day of school.  My wife and son are just so impressed and pleased to have met you and your team.  Like me, they are very grateful to know you and to be a happy patient.  You are one of a kind and we love coming to see you as we know we are getting the very best interpretation of what a prosthodontic specialist could be.  We also love all of your team mates as they are the perfect reflection and complement to you.  So much appreciation for what you all do in your office!  Todd M.

Both of my sons have been patients of Dr. Elaine Torres-Melendez over the past few years.  I cannot begin to share our entire journey here, but I can tell you that she was absolutely instrumental in helping my boys feel confident and secure about their appearance as well as ensuring their total health care needs.  It didn’t take long to recognize that her level of expertise is second to none, and she is absolutely committed to a level of excellence that typically does not exist elsewhere.  It’s evident that she’s thorough and quite meticulous.  In addition, she’s extremely knowledgeable and dedicated to her patients.  I feel certain that no one could have performed the job quite the way she did.  Her attention to detail, care and compassionate manner made us feel like she was performing work on her own family members.  Moreover, Dr. Torres-Melendez was also able to provide referrals to the very best periodontists, oral surgeons, dentists and orthodontists who were needed to complete our team.  Her entire staff was incredible as well.  Lori, Cynthia and Carly are to be commended for their patience, expertise and thorough communication.  From start to finish they were consummate professionals.  They were a pleasure to interact with, and it was obvious that it’s a true team effort at this office.  Everyone is genuinely concerned about your needs and more than willing to surpass your expectations.  Although no one really wants to go through the process of  having work performed on their mouths, this particular team has created the exact type of environment needed to encourage, invite and reassure even the most reluctant individuals that these are the people that you will trust and feel quite comfortable with.  I would highly recommend this practice to others as it was one of the best decisions that we’ve ever made for our family.  Anne F.

Looking in the mirror now, I am smiling-you can see it in my eyes, face and of course my teeth.  Not only that pleasure, I can eat an apple or corn on the cob!  My upper removable denture and lower fixed implant prosthesis look great and feel good, from day one.  Everyone at this office was a joy to see and work with, especially Dr. Elaine Torres-Melendez-what a pleasure to know her and have her do the work on my new teeth.  She is caring, took time to work with me until everything was perfect for her, too!  Jeanne H.

I am proud to recommend the practice of Dr. Elaine Torres-Melendez for any prosthetic dental work you may be considering. The office is pristine and efficient, the staff highly trained and motivated, and Dr. Torres-Melendez is talented, accomplished, thorough, gentle and caring.  Frankly, no one is thrilled by needing a prosthesis, but if one is necessary this should be the practice to choose.  It is results that count, and the work she did for me was outstanding.  John P.

I always disliked my smile and wasn’t sure what could be done.  Dr. Elaine assured me we could develop a smile I would love.  After many months of hard work and dedication from Dr. Elaine and myself, I now smile more than ever.  Each day I receive compliments on my beautiful smile.  Her staff and warm office atmosphere also enhance a positive experience from beginning to end.  Kathy A.

I was always anxious and self-conscious about accepting social engagements because of my teeth.  But “no more” thanks to Dr. Torres-Melendez.  I now have a beautiful set of teeth and a great smile and look forward to spending time with friends and family.  Joann M.

I am a patient who is particular with respect to dental restoration.  Dr. Torres-Melendez consistently exceeds my expectations.  She provides me with her professional assessment and also takes my needs into consideration.  My son, who is also a patient of Dr. Elaine, typically shys away from dentists, but with Dr. Elaine he feels at ease and comfortable knowing he will receive the right treatment.  Moreover, Dr. Elaine is supported by a professional and dedicated staff.  I recommend those seeking a prosthodontist with these qualities to contact Dr. Elaine Torres-Melendez.  Janine F.

I have received dental care from Dr. Torres-Melendez for over ten years and feel that I was so lucky to have gotten the referral.  She has commented to me over the years that I seem so relaxed while in her dental chair.  Possibly that says it all.  But to clarify, it speaks to the level of trust that I have not only in her acumen relating to her profession, but to her as an individual whose judgement and sincerity I never question.  Most recently, she referred me to a periodontist for a consultation, having just placed a temporary bridge.  When he first looked in my mouth, he called over his assistant and said “look at this…her temporary bridgework looks better than most other dentists’ permanent work”.  I just smiled, but in all honesty, I would have expected to hear nothing less.  There are many, many more examples and all would follow suit.  I have heard others refer to a special doctor they are seeing as a “Doctor’s Doctor”.  That is certainly the class in which Dr. Torres-Melendez should be placed.  Alan R.

I have been a patient of Dr. Torres-Melendez for close to twenty years.  Over the course of these years I’ve had extensive dental care that included the need for prosthetics.  Dr. Torres-Melendez took extraordinary care to design, plan and execute my dental procedures.  If that were not enough, her humanism, professionalism and artistry led me to a superb outcome.  These qualities are abundantly apparent in her support staff as well.  They go above and beyond all expectations to accommodate my needs when scheduling follow-up appointments or if unexpected issues occur.  This is of utmost importance to me because for the last 5 1/2 years I have commuted to Yardley from West Stockbridge, MA.  Dr. Torres-Melendez is passionate about dentistry and staying current with new developments in her field. I would not trust anyone else: I have the absolute best in Dr. Elaine Torres-Melendez. Ilene S.

I have been a patient of Dr. Torres-Melendez for over fifteen years.  At the age of 7, I was hit in the mouth by a baseball bat and lost my four front teeth.  Since then, I saw many dentists who made different plates and none of them fit well. Dr. Torres-Melendez created a prosthesis that fits well and looks natural. In the process, she discovered that other teeth were compromised, and she restored these also.  My prosthodontist is always furthering her education and by doing so she is current on all new procedures and the latest technology.  Her focus on detail is pristine and I do not hesitate to recommend Dr. Torres-Melendez and have done so many times.  She cares, she is kind and she is professional.  Mike F.

I am so thankful I was referred to Dr. Elaine Torres-Melendez.  She is an outstanding doctor. Dr. Torres-Melendez worked with me and helped me reach my goal of a beautiful smile!  It has been a very long time since I felt comfortable smiling, now I can’t stop!  She is a warmhearted person who displays genuine care for the welfare of others.  She creates a very comfortable and welcoming atmosphere.  The office staff is outstanding too, Lori the receptionist is very friendly and accommodating.  Cynthia and Carly are excellent dental assistants who are very caring and take their profession seriously. It is a pleasure to work with this fantastic team.  Their passion and commitment to their profession is evident in everything they do.  I highly recommend Dr. Elaine Torres-Melendez, she operates a world class practice.  Nancy W.

Thank you for your professionalism.  It’s been a long process but I love the end results.  Bruce M.