Full Mouth Reconstruction

A smiling older man with a striking smile after full mouth reconstruction

Full mouth reconstruction refers to the process of completely restoring all of the teeth in the mouth. Unlike a “smile makeover” this is a necessary rather than an elective procedure. Full mouth reconstruction is prescribed when: teeth have been lost, teeth have drifted from their original position in the dental arch, teeth have been injured or fractured, teeth have become excessively worn as a result of bruxism or acid-erosion or jaw pain is present due to loss of posterior teeth or bite problems.

Procedures Involved in Full Mouth Reconstruction

Every full mouth reconstruction is different and the process requires an individually prescribed sequence of treatment. A full mouth reconstruction requires multiple office visits. Dr. Torres-Melendez or Dr. Spatz will determine which procedure or combination of procedures is necessary to restore and rebuild your mouth for comfort, function and aesthetics. Drs. Torres-Melendez and Spatz will work with other dental specialists such as the individual patient may require.

In the successful rehabilitation of the mouth, a number of conditions should be addressed prior to the beginning of our work in this office.  These conditions may require referral to other specialists such as:

periodontist– to treat periodontal (gum) disease and/or place implants

endodontist– to perform endodontic (root canal) treatment

oral surgeon– to perform extractions, orthognathic surgery and/or place implants

orthodontist– to mobilize the teeth to a normal alignment

A prosthodontist has received specialized training to diagnose and treat advanced deterioration of the oral structures.  Drs. Torres-Melendez and Spatz work in cooperation with other specialists to achieve the best outcome for the restoration of your mouth.

A thorough and complete clinical examination, recent radiographs, stone reproductions of the patient’s teeth made from impressions of the mouth and photographs are necessary to formulate a dental restorative treatment plan.  In many instances, an alternative treatment plan can be formulated as well.

A patient showing off their new smile after full mouth reconstruction